TRANSFIX Restore & Repair Base Coat

May 31, 2023 |


specially formulated for gel and acrylic damaged nails



A strengthening treatment base coat specially formulated to correct damage due to artificial enhancements: gels, acrylics, powders, dips and tips. The concealing nude hue provides full coverage as a powerhouse combination of ingredients work to restore damaged nails to their natural beauty. Problem nails instantly appear longer, stronger and more beautiful as visible nail imperfections are perfectly minimized. Clinical Nail Care Dermelect utilizes a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool to successfully help restore damaged nails. The integrity of this extracted peptide is in a near-perfect state yielding unprecedented age-defying, strengthening and softening properties to the nails. Perfect for nails that are:
  • ridged
  • splitting
  • peeling
  • yellowing
  • stained
  • spotted
  • dehydrated
  • acrylic / gel damaged

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