REVITAL-OIL Nail & Cuticle Treatment

May 31, 2023 |


dual-phase nail treatment featuring a unique protein peptide and cuticle oil complex



Long, healthy, strong nails start with Revital-oil. The breakthrough, dual phase formula features a strength-boosting protein peptide on top paired with an ultra-moisturizing cuticle oil complex of essential oils on the bottom. Shake, apply and revitalize! Clinical Nail Care Dermelect utilizes a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool to successfully help restore damaged nails. The integrity of this extracted peptide is in a near-perfect state yielding unprecedented age-defying, strengthening and softening properties to the nails. Perfect for nails that are:
  • ragged
  • weak
  • dry
  • brittle
  • soft
  • ridged
  • splitting
  • peeling
  • chipping
  • breaking
  • hard-to-grow
  • acrylic / gel damaged

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