May 31, 2023 |


next generation, plant based, nail treatment set



Longer, Stronger, Naturally Beautiful Nails! The New Gold Standard! Dermelect Phyto Strong toxin-free, plant based nail hardener base coat and solar active top coat provide a clean solution for a chip-free, shine boosting manicure. Formulated with a proprietary blend of over 85% bio-sourced ingredients including naturally derived plant proteins and antioxidants from real fruits and vegetables. Botanical Science Dermelect successfully blends world class ingredients with nature’s superstars to create safe and transparent innovations in nail care. Boosted with natural keratin peptides, vitamins, AHAs, PHAs and antioxidants. Formulated free of major toxins, plasticizers and allergens. Perfect for nails that are:
  • thin
  • weak
  • soft
  • splitting
  • chipping
  • peeling
  • hard to grow
  • acrylic / gel damaged
STEP 1: Phyto Strong Nail Hardener – a powerful nail treatment infused with strengthening Soy Keratin Peptide and Bamboo coupled with nourishing Squalene to provide a clean slate for an anti-breaking and anti-splitting manicure. STEP 2Phyto Strong Solar Active Manicure Extender – a clean solution top coat that forms a strong, chip-free, hi-gloss protective coating to extend the life of the manicure. No UV required- cures in natural light

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