LAUNCHPAD Bonding Nail Strengthener

May 31, 2023 |


perfect for soft, thin, weak or brittle nails



Launchpad Bonding Nail Strengthener’s keratin rich, antioxidant packed formula helps restore, hydrate and rescue weakened nails. Successfully grow out your own natural nails stronger, longer and healthier. Clinical Nail Care Dermelect utilizes a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand sheep’s wool to successfully help restore damaged nails. The integrity of this extracted peptide is in a near-perfect state yielding unprecedented age-defying, strengthening and softening properties to the nails. Perfect for nails that are:
  • weak
  • soft
  • brittle
  • thin
  • dry
  • chipping
  • peeling
  • breaking
  • acrylic / gel damaged

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