HIGH MAINTENANCE Instant Nail Thickener Top Coat

May 31, 2023 |


protein peptide infused top coat instantly thickens thin, brittle nails

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High on shine and long on durability, High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener utilizes protein-peptide technology to instantly add a protective, manicure extending layer of thickness to the nail.  With the unique strengthening property of a protein peptide derived from New Zealand sheep’s wool, your nails appear more resistant to splitting, breaking and chipping. Fast drying and super glossy, this innovative, thickening treatment contains a UV absorber to protect your polish from yellowing while preventing both light and dark colors from quickly fading. Hands down, one of the most innovative top coats you will ever use.
  • quick drying and long-lasting
  • high gloss, smudge free, professional finish
  • resist chipping, splitting and peeling
  • UV blocker provides extra protection against polish fading and yellowing

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