EXPEDITE Protect & Prolong Top Coat

May 31, 2023 |


specially formulated for gel and acrylic damaged nails



Expedite Protect & Prolong is a professional strengthening treatment top coat specially formulated to help correct fingernails that have been damaged via artificial means: acrylics, powders, tips and gels. Utilizing ‘Wet Look’ technology, Expedite forms an instant plump, voluminous layer over bare or polished nails to create a long lasting, ultra brilliant, crystal-clear shine. Infused with Keratin Peptide, Neonyca, Tremella Mushroom, Vitamin E and Sunflower Seed Oil to help restore and strengthen damaged nails. The quick dry, clear lacquer protects and extends the wear of your manicure while further preventing chipping, splitting, yellowing and breakage.

The process involved in taking off acrylics or gels. Nail damage can occur when artificial nails are bonded over natural nails for extended periods using acrylics, gels, chemicals, resins, powders and/or polymers. During the application process, the nail tech preps the nails by cutting, filing and shaving down the surface. In addition to that, often the removal process can prove to be equally as damaging to the nails, especially if not executed correctly.

Perfect for nails that are:
  • weak
  • thin
  • dry
  • brittle
  • soft
  • peeling
  • chipping
  • breaking
  • hard to grow
  • gel / acrylic damaged

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