CAMO-NUDE Smoothing Ridge Filler

May 31, 2023 |


protein peptide infused sheer nail veil base coat



Featuring proprietary Opti-Pearl technology, Dermelect Camo-Nude perfectly conceals damaged nails with a universal, sheer nude hue and pairs it with a light diffusing pearlescence to resemble a healthy nail bed. It instantly fills ridges and mask imperfections, spots and discolorations as it coats the nails with strengthening protein peptides and nourishing Biotin. Wear alone or as a base coat to provide a healthy barrier between the nail plate and any additional lacquers.

Perfect for nails that are:
  • ridged
  • splitting
  • peeling
  • yellowing
  • stained
  • spotted
  • dehydrated
  • acrylic / gel damaged

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